New Trial Member

Hi everyone.

As you can see from the topic, I’m being trialled as a new news member :) First off some of you will already know me as I am also a member of Retrospec (working on Exolon DX atm), then again some of you wont :) Well that’s the introduction out of the way. I would just like to thank The Toker, Hitman and Flynn for this trial and hope I can do it well, so if you have anything to do with remakes that you would like adding to this news page, then send ME or any of the other members an email or a PM in the forum and it will be here in no time.

edit// i just thought i’d add this. News seems quite slow so we are working behind the scenes to make some additions to the site. Enigma is the first acquisition, you’ll have to wait and see for the rest ;-)) hitm4n.