Wednesday 26th December 2001

Oh my f**king head…. I can work rather fast even with a hangover, so here’s the post-Chrimble update earlier than expected[NL]______________________________________________________[NL]I’ve made some slight cosmetic changes to this here index.html, I hope it’s a little easier to read. Thanks to the people who requested the change, I thought it was only my eyes that hurt reading a size 2 Times New Roman font :o)[NL]______________________________________________________[NL]Paul Robson has been a busy chappy, as well as sending along a fix for his remake of Football Manager[NL]he’s also sent over his new remake of Bugaboo which is rather spiffy! If anyone could send along a screenshot of this for the archive page I would appreciate it, if not some DOS utility for grabbing screenshots will do…[NL]______________________________________________________[NL]To the right are some more remakes of Jumpman, huge thanks to Matty of the excellent fan-site ‘Jumpman Lounge‘ for the info![NL]______________________________________________________[NL]Deluxe Snake for Windows has been updated… unfortunately the DOS version is no longer being updated or supported but I’ll carry on hosting it here until I get an abusive message from the author :o)[NL]______________________________________________________[NL]I supposr now is a good a time as any to plug the mailing list. If you want the previous months site updates mailed direct to your inbox at the start of every month then click here and send. It saves scanning through old news doesn’t it? It’s unobstructive, you don’t have to visit the site and sift through my babblings and it costs you nothing…. you can’t go wrong :o)